– invest in the "Amazon of LSD":

Hilaritas Corporation in Berlin, Germany / /




Peter Thiel recently put $125 million in a Berlin psychedelic startup – we are also looking for your capital.


1. Monthly loans: 5% per month pays a 5% per month interest rate on loans to investors.

We can do it based on over 50% return on our weekly round-trips.

Just call for more information: 0049 175 76 75 708. 


2. Equity Stake Investment

My private holding company (Pleasure Holding UG) does mantain 100% of the voting rights to be able to control the business.


Details about the business:

We plan to become the "Amazon of LSD".

The plan is to spread love by making LSD-derivates a mass product like coffee.

Multiple ares of business are targeted:

Physical Stores with in-house therapists / psychologists is the next step ( is our home delivery service. We want to start it in multiple cities in Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris etc.). will offer 1on1 coach therapy.,, and is for hetereo- and homosexual sex parties and porn.

Multiple other LSD-related projects are in the pipeline (,, etc.).


Hilaritas Financials:

The Hilaritas UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was incorporated in September 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

Since then we have increased our revenue every month to now ~174,000€ a month (25th of March 2021).

Our 6-months total revenue is: 1,044,000€ (25th of March 2021).

Due to legal risk we do not use any multiple for total valuation.


Sales: ~4,420 a month


Revenue: ~240,000€ a month


New Customers: ~4,515 a month


We currently purchase the full tripping 100 ug tabs for 1€ from our Dutch wholesaller (wants to be unnamed). We sell for 2.20€ - 4.80€ per tab.

The microdosing 20 ug tabs cost 0.27€. We sell for 0.50€ per tab.

We are looking to produce our own "Hilaritas LSD" in Germany which can be produced for much cheaper in the range of 0.10€ and 0.50€ per tab.

The "Hilaritas LSD" is supposed to be "made in Germany", "refugees welcome", "organic", "vegan" , "plastic-free", and "climate-neutral".


My personal salary from the Hilaritas company is 5,000€ a month.

Currently its 100% owned by my private holding company – Pleasure Holding UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – no outside investors.

We are looking to sell 0.1-15% of the company.  Investment sizes between 1,044€ and 156,000€).


View the full Hilaritas pitch deck:



Further details about production, market analysis etc. on request against non-disclosure agreement.


Video Interview with the Founder (in German)


Contact the Founder

for an Investment in the "Amazon of LSD"

Carl Philipp Trump (Founder & CEO)

[email protected]

0049 175 76 75 708








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